• Jennifer DeSantis

Microblading, it’s not for everyone...here’s why

So you are here right now because you have heard of, or have thought about Microblading. Am I right? Well, let me tell you, this is my absolute favorite service to do! You want eyebrows- you got it! Or so I thought.

It was about 3 years ago I decided I wanted to learn this skill of tattooing eyebrows and giving Eyes the gift of Life. I took a class, learned what I needed to know, was really good right away and BOOM! I found my new passion, there were not enough sets of eyes on the planet. I wanted to do this every day all day. Then, I began to see my initial clients return with a less than recognizable hair stroke pattern over their eyes. There were several changes I made to correct this and keep it from continuing to happen. First was a lengthy consultation, going over the commitment portion of the client. Lets analyze the events that take place on the day of the procedure. We chat, you fill out paperwork while I apply topical anesthetic, you freak out, I calm you down, we laugh, we sit quietly, I draw on your template, you freak out again, I calm you down again, I choose your color and we begin! 20 minutes later you are in awe at what a really good brow could do for your face, at how many years younger you look, when your next date night will be because you haven’t felt this good about your brows in years. They look great right? Yes, they do. And I have the photos to prove it, so what happens next is up to you. How you heal and take care of this new obsession of yours are what your healed results will rely on. So take my aftercare seriously, listen to my suggestions, read my notes. Do not make this a situation where you think you may know a better way. After all, you didn’t do this to yourself. You came to me, the expert.

Let us get to the part where this isn’t for everyone, which is what caught your attention before I started rambling! Microblading, although is considered semi-permanent, is not as semi-permanent as you think. Anything that lasts longer than a week in my opinion should be labeled as permanent. I have done So many corrections for women who would say 8-12 months is a long time to wait for Microblading to fade enough for me to make a correction. 365 days is a super long time to live with something you hate. Doesn’t sound so semi-permanent now does it?

Microblading isn’t for the micro-managing, controlling person who has a fear of letting the professional work to the best of their ability. You have got to put faith in your artist. Especially if they have come highly recommended. It’s not for sun worshipers, laser addicts, extreme sports athletes, year-round swimmers, Texas summers or anyone who has large pores in the eyebrow area. The main reason for this is the end result. So, basically you need to live in the dry, dark basement of a New England home to have the best brows of your life right? No, but you will need to commit for a period of time to not be any of those people, and also know that indulging in any of those things could speed up the time between us meeting again. I do have many clients that love the fresh look of a newly microbladed eyebrow, I will work on this client every 8 months or so depending on how their skin is holding up.

Skin is another huge factor in choosing my client, you must know that I am also choosing you! I take into consideration the integrity of your skin, if it matches your expectations, will it be resilient and hold the pigment, how many times I feel like it can handle a touch up.....because you are coming back for touch ups. Microblading is not a once and done service, if you want these beautiful brows you need to maintain them.


In an effort to keep my articles on task; and also to keep your attention and respect your time, I will say think about this for a while and stay tuned for another blog post! Thanks for your time ☺️

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