Custom Facials & Skin Treatments

When you receive a custom facial at Bella Beautique you are getting more than 12 years of experience with analyzing and correcting skin conditions from Aging, to Acne and all in between.  Read up on some of the procedures available in our Skin Studio.

Facials....Lets begin with the basic

Every Facial in our skin studio begins with a cleanse and an enzyme of some sort.  Each Enzyme considered is a fruit based mix used to break up the glue that is holding the top layer of "ready to be exfoliated" skin cells together.  Using a fruit enzyme is a gentle approach to exfoliation and prepping your skin for the next steps.  Extractions will be done if needed, followed by a relaxing and muscle toning facial massage and last but not least we will finish with the perfect mask for your skin type.  Much thought and research goes into selecting products to be used in the treatment room. 

Customizing Treatments....

Customizing the facial is beneficial for everyone, especially the client who has more than one concern.  For example, you may be concerned with aging and also have occasional break outs or full blown adult acne!  There is nothing to worry about here because we can can help you with both at the same time!  Some of our Enzymes have special Acids that will help diminish fine lines, pigmentation and break outs.  You may also add on a Chemical Peel to any Facial Service to target your main concerns.  Keep reading to find out more about Skin Peels.

Skin Peels, non-invasive-peeling for days.....

We only use Circadia Brand Skin Peels here at Bella Beautique.  With all of my years of experience I have grown to put all of my trust in this brand for Chemical and Acid based peels because they go above and beyond protecting the clients skin through the entire process.  Circadia cares 100% about their ingredients and the PH levels of their products.  It is very important to know this when shopping around for Skin Peels.

Lactic Acid....

Lactic Acid is suitable for most skin types, it is ideal for Aging, Dry and Sensitive Skin.  Lactic Acid brings moisture to the lower levels of the skin to promote deep hydration and has also been know to lighten pigmentation.  This peel may be repeated every 4 weeks, and is a great add on to dermaplaning.


Switch Dermal Rejuvenation....

The Switch Dermal Rejuvenation System is designed for Aging, Photo damaged, Environmentally damaged and Sagging skin.  This is classified as a Peel but most never see an visual signs of peeling.  This system uses 2 very important Acids to kick your cells into high gear again restoring dermal health and promoting rejuvenation.  This service comes with a facial to be completed at the 14 day mark and is included in initial payment.  The Switch can be repeated every 4 week, I love to rotate this service with Microneedling for EXTREME tightening benefits, both services can be purchased in a series at a discounted rate!

MandeliClear Mid-Depth Peel....

The MandeliClear Peel is a Mid-Depth Peel blend of 4 popular Acids, you can expect to see mild to moderate shedding of the skin.  This Peel is for you if you want to see lightening of post-inflammatory pigmentation due to Acne, Melasma or Photo damage and mild Acne Scarring.  We can also vamp up the peeling process with a Vitamin A Accelerator to ensure you get the most from your peeling experience.  This Peel is safe for all Fitzpatricks, level 3 and higher need to be pre-treated prior to the Peel Service.

Jessner Solution Deep Peel....

The Jessner Solution is a known blend of Salicylic, Lactic, and Resorcinol used to penetrate to the deeper layers of skin.  A full client consult is needed before booking this service.  This might be the Peel for you if you are seeing signs of Pre-Mature Aging, Actinic Keratoses, Pigmentation Irregularities, Acne, or Photo Damaged Skin.  Moderate Peeling is expected with this service and is not safe for all skin types.

4 Sessions of MicroNeedling over the course of 9months

1 Firming Peptide Treatment, immediate results.

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